The International 2021

How Will the New Supporters Club Support Teams in the International 2021?

The International 2021 is set to take place in Stockholm in August 2021. After being postponed last year, it is finally back, and people are more than excited for the bets on esports betting sites and the money they may win through betting. Excitement also comes from the potential of getting new battle passes.

The TI10 prize pool already has more than $40 million. So, if new battle passes are added, the amount will potentially be combined with the battle passes from the Dota 2 International 2021.

But while battle passes were the best way to support the event for years, Valve has also introduced a Supporters Club.

What Is the Supporters Club?

The Supporters Club is a way for fans to buy different things such as seasonal equippables, badges, and bundles. This is not only a good way to show off while playing but also a way to support their favorite teams.

There are three bundles to choose from for each team. These are the Bronze Club, the Silver Club, and the Gold Club. This makes the Dota 2 International experience more exciting.

How Does the Supporters Club Support Teams?

The Supporters Club can support teams that participate in the International 2021 because 50% of the sales will go to the teams you pick. It will be possible to purchase the content until the end of the International.

“For fans that want to support players and organizations, the new Supporters Club provides a more flexible and direct way to contribute to your favorite teams.” Valve declared. “As The International approaches, there will be more ways for fans to engage with the tournament itself. We’ll post updates here as we have them, so stay tuned for everything summer has in store.”

As such, this year’s Dota 2 International event seems very exciting. You’ll have a Supporters Club, as well as bets offered by betting platforms to engage with the event.