The International 2021

The International 2021 is set to take place in Stockholm in August 2021. After being postponed last year, it is finally back, and people are more than excited for the bets on esports betting sites and the money they may win through betting. Excitement also comes from the potential of getting new battle passes.

After the coronavirus pandemic gradually began to fade away, new dates for the competition were announced. Some Esports Betting Sites even started to accept bets on future performances in advance.

According to the providers, all dota 2 fans will be able to watch the performances of their favorites from October 7 to 17, both online and from the stands. The International 2021 is expected to be held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. However, some changes are also possible, so better to wait before betting.

Since the money in the prize fund of this championship was accumulated for the longest possible period, it resulted in an unprecedented amount – over $40,000,000. This is undoubtedly a great motivation for future participants and an excellent opportunity for fans to place bets.

All dota 2 international teams that were supposed to participate in the competition in 2020 were deprived of their accumulated DPC points by Valve’s decision. In this regard, to reaffirm their right to participate in the largest Dota 2 championship, players were forced to earn these points again in a wide variety of local championships of simpler ranks.

As such, this year’s Dota 2 International event seems very exciting. You’ll have a Supporters Club, as well as bets offered by betting platforms to engage with the event.