The International 2020

People were very excited about The International 2020 and the bets they were going to make on the tournament. Multiple eSports betting sites are offering bets for this event, which is great. But the problem is that COVID-19 is ruining the fun for everyone, causing delays in eSports events all across the world. The Dota 2 International is no exception to this. So far, it is not known whether it is going to happen or not. Large gatherings would be too dangerous, and travel restrictions would make it hard and maybe even impossible for some teams to travel to the venue.
What’s the plan for Dota 2 International 2020? Is it still going to happen?

Format and Scheduling

If the coronavirus situation didn’t hit us this year, then The International 2020 would have started in July, opening the series of events with the open qualifiers, where all teams would be participating. The winners will advance, going to the regional qualifiers. Then, it would advance to the group stage, where two groups of nine teams will go against each other. Then, it would have gone to the group stage in August, and later, the winners will get to the Main Event.
Initially, the main event was decided for August 18-23, but the future is quite rocky given the pandemic.

What Will Happen?

The Dota team announced that they have to delay the event. They tried looking for any other possible scenario in which the tournament would have unfolded normally, but they didn’t find any solution. As such, the only safe thing for not is delaying it.
Thankfully, they still introduced the Battle Pass, and the prize pool will still be funded by it. Having said that, even if the event is being delayed or, in the worst case, not happening, they are still saving the money for it.

As for betting, you will have the chance to make bets as usual if the International will happen. Betting sites are not sleeping on The International, making sure to get ready for when things are back to normal.
Final Thoughts.
Even if COVID-19 is taking things from us for now, the future will bring better things. The International will not cease to exist – it may just take place later, so you just have to wait.